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Voxhaul Broadcast

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Life could have been much different for these four childhood friends if they had followed the paths that were strictly enforced on them. David Dennis (singer) was the son of missionary parents that traveled the world, living in Russia, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. When his parents separated, David’s father would not allow him to play guitar. David secretly taught himself how to play at his mother’s on the weekends. As David was growing up around the world, Kurt Allen (drummer) and Anthony Aguiar (guitar/ keyboards) met at the age of four when Anthony’s family moved on the same street in Southern California. Kurt, the son of a Vietnam veteran, was raised in hopes he would one day join the Marines and Anthony grew up in a very strict Catholic upbringing. Neither family encouraged the boys to pick up any instruments and start a band, but these two fell in love with music when they first heard Nirvana. It was at that moment they knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. The two boys learned how to play their instruments along side one another and together their passion for music grew. At the same time, Phil Munsey (bass), was raised a pastor’s son and was traveling in a van going across the country as his parents preached. David and Phil met when David’s parents started attending the Munsey’s church in the same town as Kurt and Anthony lived. The two became fast friends and Phil brought David to his first music concert. There David got on stage for the first time and screamed into a microphone singing. Phil was so impressed by David’s singing and attitude that he asked David to start a punk band with him and Phil’s little brother. Soon after, junior high started and David and Kurt met and their friendship and passion for playing music with one another began. From there all four kids became fast friends and musical partners. From junior high through high school, the boys in their separately formed bands would often play together at local shows. After high school Kurt moved to San Francisco and Anthony, Phil and David began playing together. Kurt, watching the three grow together musically and missing playing music with his friends, left San Francisco and joined the boys back in Southern California. Finally after many years many different bands, the four-childhood friends were playing together and Voxhaul Broadcast was formed. Short after Voxhaul formed, they moved to Los Angeles and became local favorites. They released their first EP “Rotten Apples” with Dwayne Larring and began making their first trips across the county playing such festivals as LA’s Sunset Junction, Summer Fest in Milwaukee and CMJ in New York. Their next EP “Fact Fiction And Turquoise” was recorded at Elliot Smith’s old recording studio New Monkey with Eli Thompson. This EP featured such songs like “Shoot The Breeze” and “Fact Or Fiction”, which made them regulars on KCRW and gave them their first airplay in the UK on NME. Later that year they had the privilege of playing on KCRW’s popular morning radio show “Mornings Become Eclectic”. After two EP’s, they recorded their first album “Timing Is Everything” at Fairfax Studios with Grammy-award winning producer Tom Biller. This album helped them grow from local favorites to a national touring band. Following the release, Voxhaul went to SXSW and played at great showcases like Filter’s Ceder Street Festival and The Pure Volume House. Following SXSW they toured extensively throughout the country and were asked to join national tours with acts like Rooney and The Airborne Toxic Event. Now the band is recording their next album at Village Studios and getting ready for some more national and international tours.

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