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Brian Pounds

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Brian Pounds' voice is the perfect aphrodisiac. It is effortlessly smooth, endearingly honest, and layered with a bite of soul that leaves you breathless. His ability to vividly shape words, and the intensity of his voice, quickly compel us to delve deeper into this elusively impassioned artist. In doing so, we encounter the brave and gutsy beginnings that brought him here.

Being discontent with his high-school endeavors in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, Brian turned in his glove and cleats for a guitar. He quickly found the spark that had been missing, and songwriting became his essence. After a time spent at the University of Oklahoma, and at the fresh age of eighteen, he courageously left his stuffy dorm-room for Austin, Texas, where his aspirations could become reality. While playing many stages around Texas over the next year, Brian’s style was conceived. Aspects of jazz, soul, and blues can be heard throughout his music, and artists such as Ryan Adams, Amos Lee, and James Taylor are his influences.

From a cool jazz angle in his debut track “After You’re Gone,” to the savory fan-favorite single, “Up For Air,” Brian Pounds captures his audiences attention with his passion and honesty. His captivating lyrics, classy and innovative style, and dynamically soulful voice comprise his flawless sound. The exquisitely written and quite unique, "My Company” takes us into the world of the lonely artist. The ominous course of sorrow, hope, and gracious defeat are gradually unraveled through Brian's distinctive and eloquent expression. His “shadow across the wall” as his only companion, and an acquiescent regard for “feeling so alone” holds a certain candor that is unmatched. While falling into Brian’s mellow entanglement with solitude, the mystic resonance of pedal steel winds in and out providing a perfect compliment.

With his debut album, "After You're Gone" garnering lots of attention in the Austin, TX and regional music scenes, and a new EP in the works, you can expect to see Brian Pounds' name all over your city soon.

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