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Born São Paulo (SP), singer Tiê, 31, released in April, this year by Warner Music Brasil her second CD, “A Coruja e o Coração”(The Owl and the Heart) , produced by Plinio Profeta.

After the opening with minimalist “Sweet Jardim” (2009), one of artists` release most talked about that year, Tiê gathered in her new work another set of own songs in addition to partnerships and versions of songs by friends such as Tulipa and Thiago Pethit, with more full bodied arrangements and new elements. Tulipa, by the way, had already contributed with vocals in “Sweet Jardim”.

Tiê performed in the last edition of the Rock in Rio festival, held in Rio de Janeiro in October, this year. She was one of the stars of Sunset stage, dedicated to new talents of Brazilian music, and shared the show with Uruguayan Jorge Drexler, who sang in “A Coruja e o Coração” in the song “Perto e Distante” (Near and Far) (Tiê/Pedro Granato/Plinio Profeta).

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