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Tiago Iorc

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Tiago Iorc (pronounced ee-ork / born November 28, 1985) is a Brazilian musician, singer-songwriter and recording artist. As a child, Tiago lived in England and in the United States — which later determined his choice of singing and writing in English.

In 2007, his unpretentious acoustic single "Nothing but a Song" drew attention to his voice and music and led to the release of his debut album "Let Yourself In". His album was also released in Japan — where "Nothing But a Song" peaked at number 11 on Billboard's Japan HOT 100 Chart — and in South Korea, where the public granted him a Best Foreign Artist Award for his performance at the 2010 Grand Mint Festival.

His second studio album "Umbilical" was released October 2011, and had New York-based Andy Chase as producer.

"Tiago is both a classic and a contemporary soul — combining the best of singers like Nick Drake and bands like Radiohead. I hope people can enjoy getting as caught up in the mastery of his lyrics and his beautiful, textural voice as I have". — Andy Chase

"Brazil's Tiago Iorc has gleaned the glimmering sounds from 90s singer-songwriters past to create a lush landscape of pop escapes. His album, "Umbilical" teeters between somber and sweetness. At once he is yearning lovelorn and at the next turn singing about hope and inspiration. What is most remarkable about the album is that from start to finish it feels like a complete package, a well-thought out travel through Iorc's emotions". — Billboard Discoveries

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