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Samo Sound Boy

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Samo Sound Boy is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ whose powerful
live sets, and original productions have brought him to the forefront
of today's forward-minded club scene. Having earned his chops DJing at
Fugees 99, a Nigerian-owned dancehall in the south end of Buenos
Aires, Samo compounded influences picked up there with a love of crunk
and Chicago house. The result remains a uniquely rugged but soulful
sound of his own. In addition to having released two highly acclaimed
EPs through NYC label Trouble and Bass, Samo started his own label,
Body High, with Jerome Potter in 2011. Furthermore, the two partnered
together to produce a side project under the name DJ Dodger Stadium.
Moving full speed ahead as a producer, DJ, and label head, Samo is
only getting started spreading his club aesthetic that Chicago
journalist Dave Quam described as: “Weird, banging, and beautiful.
Like a shortwave radio recording of all the best stations at once.”

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