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Fiawna Forté

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Fiawna Forté is a propelling force of musical
nature that blends the traditions of rock and roll,
blues and indie sensibilities with everything else
that crosses her path. Running (barefoot)ahead
of this mixed bag of labels, Forté has kept her
listeners guessing since her full band's live debut
in May, 2008. Widely known for her furious voice
and roaring presence on stage, Fiawna's keen
sense for melody and songwriting never suffer
amongst the high energy and volume of the
band. Her visual femininity only adds to the
mystique as the strength of Forté, her song,
her soul and her band becomes contagious
to the diverse and ever expanding audience.

From Tulsa, OK, Fiawna Forté has performed at a
variety of musical venues and festivals, such as
Austin, TX 2010 & 2011 SxSW. Her music has been
highlighted on compilations (internationally)
alongside Amy Winehouse & Duffy. Her song
"I'd Rather Die" appears in the Sundance film,
Barking Water (directed by Sterlin Harjo), in
which Forté has a cameo. In 2010, Fiawna Forté
was honored to be chosen as the top band in
Oklahoma by The Boston Phoenix "50 Bands/
50 States" issue.

Since her full band debut, Transitus, in May, 2010,
Fiawna Forté has created an atmosphere
for listeners to find themselves and gain the
inspiration to move forward. Being fully aware of
her own constant state of transition, Forté does
not forget the path that led to who she is, but
demonstrates the power to pave the way for
who she will become.

“..this banshee's gloriously nasty growl deserves
a big, loud crash-landing on the scene.
Her brand new debut, Transitus, precariously
walks the line between elemental roar and
radio-ready hits which should thankfully put
her on somebody's map.
But as long as Forté's tattered lungs keep
moaning like PJ and bellowing like a
honky-tonk Corin Tucker,
you'll never want to accuse her of
pulling punches.”
-The Boston Phoenix

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