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The Black Watch

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Listen to i don't feel the same

According to Trouser Press, "the black watch are a psych/janglepop treasure worth seeking out by anyone with an interest in super catchy melodies, twin guitar attack, and highly poetic lyrics." Formed in Santa Barbara, California in 1988 by John Andrew Fredrick (shortly after he'd finished his Ph.D. in English at UCSB), tbw have gone on to record 16 cds for a variety of indie labels. Now joined by ex-The Chills guitarist and co-vocalist Steven Schayer, the band are set to release the follow-up to 2010's critically acclaimed "Led Zeppelin Five"--a 12-song LP entitled "The End of When." With a live show that puts one in mind of The Velvet Underground in a street fight with the psychedelic mid-period Beatles, tbw showcase fine harmonies and out of control guitar shards of dissonant supernova sweetness and light.

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