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Yuppie Pricks

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Listen to Loser

Former clean cut, vest-wearing honchos from Alternative Tentacles, these Austin punk ramblers stab out an approach that is more like the Fleshies than their fellow citizens Complete Control, producing rambunctious hybrids like “G.O.P.” which actually sounds like Jello Biafra singing for the late period Buzzcocks (actually the tune hijacks the ‘Cocks’ “E.S.P.”). To keep things grounded in blatant localism and Texas fun punk pride, they also unhook a hell raising, big guitar swagger version of the Big Boy’s “Frat Cars,” just to expose their relished roots. “Male Models” strikes a match that burns like Southern California punk, sing-along slobbers and all, though it’s actually a butch version of the Undertones song (and not the Sleater Kinney song of the same name!). Their own swan song of pride and punctiliousness, “Loser,” unloads lines about guys pumping gas, empty pockets too big and blank to pay for cocaine, while the yuppies like the band fill the nation with a portfolio of white lies of proper world order. The irony drips like bacon fat, even flooding back into the song “Greed is Good,” which reads like a rampant and raging treatise by Adam Smith, cataloging how we should “squeeze every dollar from ever deal,” squeeze the hell outta lemons for lemonade, and avoid the wasted work of lunch time. “Prick4Life” could even make a fan of the Supersuckers bang their dirty hair across the floor in Budweiser bellows. Lastly, note how they really churn the machismo sex sauce and steal the swagger from the Black Crowes on the album cover. Get your Izod collars up and prepare the naked girl sushi, the time is ripe for raking in the fortune!
- Left of the Dial Magazine

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