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The Company We Keep

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Amy Brennan // vocals // @lovexmeeko
Brian Southall // guitar, bass, programming // @briansouthall
Justin Pierre // guitar, lyrics & melody, noises // @jcpmcs
Branden Morgan // drums and percussion

The Company We Keep is a coming-together of three doe eyed veterans — arranging a melodic framework to showcase the voice of newcomer: Amy Brennan.

The project began on the road when Brian Southall [The Receiving End of Sirens / Motion City Soundtrack tour manager] presented Justin Pierre [Motion City Soundtrack] with a series of compositions for which he would eventually contribute lyrics and melodies.

While in-between MCS tours, Brian was introduced to Amy at a mutual friend’s birthday party in Detroit. After learning that she was a singer, Brian found videos of Amy performing cover songs on-line. Her amazing voice and powerful presence inspired him to beg her to contribute to the project. She finally agreed, and, so, the search for a drummer began.

The search lasted only as long as it took Brian to consult his first choice — old friend, and Misery Signals drummer: Branden Morgan. Brian, Amy, and Branden will tackle the majority of performance duties, with Justin filling a role akin to that of Brett Gurewitz’s in Bad Religion, as a principal writer and recurring live presence. He is very much, ’in the band,’ but doesn’t want his hectic schedule to serve as a hindrance to the momentum of this project.

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