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Prabir, Treesa, Matt, and Gregg are Richmond, VA's Goldrush. This band is a fun balance of orchestral based classical music being injected into some high octane pop and rock and roll. The influences of this band range from The Beatles to Ray Charles to the old Ludwig Van. Treesa and Matt Gold are both classically trained musicians that have played with various symphonies around the United States. Similarly, Gregg Brooks and Prabir Mehta have been hitting the rock and indie rock circuit for quite a while also. The songs are constructed as three minute pop tunes and then filled with the frantic absurdity that only three centuries of violin and contra bass can bring. While being given the 'classical music' treatment, the songs are nothing that would go hand in hand with the usual attitudes associated with the world of symphonies and orchestras. No ties, no silence, or sobriety. Topics range from absurd wealth to sex to use of the most venerable vices. Mainly, they're fun songs with a sense of humor...we think. Lol?

photo by Amber Smith

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