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New Town Drunks

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New Town Drunks music has been described as New Vaudeville, Rock and Roll Cabaret, Stream of Consciousness Folk Rock, a musical Bonnie and Clyde and other less clear descriptions. At the core of it is the show-stopping voice and stage presence of lead singer Diane Koistinen, the versatile Spanish guitar of Roberto Cofresi and a batch of carefully crafted songs, but there is always more to every performance, melodrama, mystery, comedy, tragedy, surprises... and they always seem to find themselves in the company of great talent. Who will join them on stage at SXSW? Come to the No More Fake Labels showcase to find out.

After having lived in NYC, Texas, Mexico, Detroit and Puerto Rico, Diane and Roberto settled in Chapel Hill NC where they've been playing as New Town Drunks since 2004. As they head back to their old stomping grounds in Texas (where in the 90s, Diane played with quirky pop rock act, deSchmog and Roberto with psych rock act, Dry Nod) they are looking forward to meeting up with musicians and friends they haven't seen in some years.

New Town Drunks have released 4 records: us with your car (Hmm Records, 2005)
Alive & Drunk (Hmm Records, 2006)
The Ballad of Stayed and Gone (Hmm Records, 2009)
Going (Tiny Canvas Records, 2011)

A new album is set for release in Spring 2012.

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