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Salt to Bitters

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Salt to Bitters
From lilt to lurch, from swagger to stagger, Salt To Bitters crashes its way across a bittersweet soundscape in fits and starts, tempering depravity with a tunefulness that could only have been born in the desperate hours between last call and first light. Tony T. Raver's moods range from wry to agonized, his alcohol-drenched musings on liquored-up love and the loss thereof emerging both poignant and raucous. His eclectic assemblage of Chapel Hill music veterans follow his every move with a funereal kaleidoscope of plinking banjo, mournful violin ribbons, ominous Rhodes piano, drums that shamble and crash. Formed in 2008, Salt To Bitters has carved its niche as the Triangle's foremost purveyors of late-night despair, playing a host of live shows a cross North Carolina.

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