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Yael Kraus

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Yael Kraus - Bio
Yael Kraus is an Israeli singer-songwriter, based in NYC. She has been performing and recording since childhood.
Kraus opened for Suzanne Vega and performed with Faun Fables, Jewlia Eisenberg of Charming Hostess, Balkan Beat Box and Yoni Bloch.
She has been the frontwoman in the Art-Rock group “Panic Ensemble”, lead by Roy Yarkoni with 6 other musicians, and the poet/professor Karen Alkalay-Gut as a lyricist. The band released their self-titled album and were invited to perform at the prestigious “Israel Festival of art”.
Her most popular project was “Bussa”, a cover-version album of popular Israeli songs, performed in Brazilian Bossa Nova style and produced by Michael Frost. The album was released on NMC Music, Israel’s largest music label.
After the release of these two albums in 2008 as a lead singer, Kraus has decided to move on to her own material, and released her debut solo album “Boutique”.
"Boutique" highlights Kraus’s unique voice and her own personal creation, presented in an Alternative Pop package.
The album’s creation begun in New York City and transformed to Tel Aviv, a long journey of musical styles, from Folky-Pop to Art-Rock with middle-eastern influences.
“Boutique” was produced and arranged by composer/pianist Daniel Koren of Koren Ensemble, co-composed with Ben Hendler and mixed by Tamir Muskat of the Balkan Beat Box.
The live performance reveals Krause’s stage persona. Joined by bass player Jonathan Levy of Izabo and programmer/electric drummer Shlomi Lavie, founder of Dolchnakov Brigade.
Minimally arranged, the show is focused on the core of the music: vocals and rhythm. The act composed of songs from “Boutique”, “Panic Ensemble” and some new material as well.


From the Press:

By: Erez Lutringer
Kraus has been collecting influences from many places: Britain, Iceland and even Egypt, releasing an eclectic, unique album.
Regardless of her origin, it is nothing but local. It might be her debut album but you can sense the education and maturity in each and every note.
Kraus has a magical seducing voice and after seeing her performance I can add that it is also accurate, impressive, a voice that other singers would kill for.


By: Timora Lesinger
Her voice is childish and fragile, however layers of instrumentation cannot cover it up.
In her solo album she manages to build an emotional plot with varied vocals nuances, She sounds like a star in an old movie, with the grace, elegance and sophistication.
The outcome is an album without a dull moment.,7340,L-3933251,00.html

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