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With a voice that straddles seamlessly the worlds of close fragility and far reaching intensity, there is nary a person on the planet that doesn’t fall immediately entranced when they hear it. The Canadian/Swedish band Thus:Owls have carved themselves into the psyches and hearts of many curious crowds along their way since their 2009 debut record “Cardiac Malformations”. The group’s cinematic, dark and emotional pop hits you in the gut and brings your focus to what lays deep inside. Their follow-up album "Harbours" was recorded in the French countryside, in a castle on the banks of La Seine. When it was released in Sweden last October, the press used words such as "ingenious" and "masterpiece" to describe it. Thus:Owls may be a pearl yet to be discovered for many listeners around the world, but with the new album "Harbours", they have established themselves as one of the most willful and original bands emerging from Canada and Sweden right now.

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