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Fire EX.

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Taiwan's top punk band! One of the music festivals' most frequently invited bands!

Fire Extinguisher is a pop punk band from Kaohsiung. They sing with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and dreams! The band's motto is never forget to feel, an attitude that keeps them going even when everything seems totally SNAFU!

They plumbs the states of mind that come from having no alternative but to face reality no matter what it brings. The band members used to be high-school classmates from Kaohsiung with similar musical tastes, and their music draws inspiration from real life and real music. Their lives have been no different from other ordinary people. They have dreams and enthusiasm, frustration and anger, love and hurt, pain and joy. The vocalist, Sam, once summed up their attitude in a show at The Wall, Taipei's premiere live house: We are not famous. But we love music and our passion for music will never end!

Nothing but genuine passion and total satisfaction at just banging out music. Their music inspires infinite enthusiasm, or even rowdiness and passion for being in the moment. Now, at the ripe age of 26, the band members growing maturity shows in the musical arrangements and structure of their music. A little taste of post-rock adds vividness to their explosive sound. It is surprising to see a punk band present post-rock arrangements with abundant exuberance, complicated guitars riffs, and rich melodies. But their core remains punk, and punk is not just an attitude but a way of taking life as it comes, and hitting back. Fire Ex will never give up touching people through music with their passion and enthusiasm, no matter how cruel the world becomes or how old they get. This should be the tacit minimal consensus among all Taiwanese regardless of gender or age.

Important Cooperation and Shows:

SXSW 2011
Canadian Music Week 2011
Slipper Party 2011 with Mayday
Produced a single for Andre Agassi and Marat Safin game in Taiwan in 2010
CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival 2009
Opening Performance for The World Games 2009
With agnes b. and Graffiti artist Reach to release single "Dusk Freeway" in 2009
Performed in movie "Tears" in 2009
Cooperated with Levi's for a concert in Taipei in 2008
On stage with MUSE, The Plastic People of the Universe in 2007

Festival Invited:

Circuit (China, Beijing)
Life Show vol.3 (Hong Kong)
K-Rock Festival (Korea)
Autumn Tiger Festival (Taiwan, Taipei)
Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival Contest Finalist (Taiwan, Taipei)
Formoz Festival (Taiwan, Taipei)
Spring Scream Festival (Taiwan, Kenting)
With Justice We Cure This Nation Music Festival (Taiwan)
Megaport Festival (Taiwan, Kaohsiung)
Say Yes To Taiwan Music Festival (Taiwan)
Amnesty International Small Places Tour in Taiwan
Grass Fest (Taiwan, Yilan)
What is Justice Festival (Taiwan, Tainan)
Taoyuan Rock Festival (Taiwan, Taoyuan)
Vicious Circle Punk Fest (Taiwan, Taipei)


Let's Go (2007)
Man On the Sea (2009)

Revolution (2004)
Where am I (2008)

We Design Our Future (2010)
Fight Again (2010)

Compilation Albums:
Samurai Spirit (2004)
Tribute to LTK (2005)
Summer's Tail Movie Soundtrack (2007)
Tears Movie Soundtrack (2010)
Megaport Pride (2011)

Movie and Documentary:
Voices from The South (2008)
Tears (2010)

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