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The Good The Bad

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The Good The Bad hail from a nuclear bunker in Copenhagen, Denmark. Perhaps due to this strange setting and a little too much radiation they have found a sound which literally electrifies everything in its wake.

Oozing sex appeal and effortless cool their high-energy instrumental Psyche-Surf (60's influenced but with a contemporary edge) pushes the boundaries of this narrow genre with effortless tremelo lead licks and vivacious snare shots which ricochet amidst brass rushes, organ grooves and electrifying walls of sound which will leave you begging for more of their unrelenting merciless tidal wave of sexy musical pleasure.

Their live show is often likened to a personified Tarantino soundtrack and has been known to melt the lucky faces in the front row on occasion.

“The best band at SXSW 2010. An incredible new band.” WAYNE KRAMER (MC5)

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