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#sxsw #Shinyribs


I present to you,Shinyribs, the living embodiment of the tension between two opposing truths, The Father Of Secular Gospel, A walking talking Conflicted Juxtaposition, The Laziest Man In Show Buisness, Mr. Cold Fusion, The Sweet and Sour, Super funky Tonkin,slippery hipped, crazy leg, wing flappin, toe tapping, stump jumpin, frog giggin, smog lickin, half coonass man freak from Austin,Texas by way of Beaumont TX and Shreveport, LA. A A card carryin' psycholiteranaut w/8 AA batteries-tweed facade-equal parts Waylon Jennings,Robert Rauschenberg and Harvey Korman transmitting on a frequency of 667,000 cycles per second.

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