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Quique Gonzalez

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After travelling all around Spain for more than a year with his lat work presentation tour 'Daiquiri Blues' ending last February in Madrid with three consecutive sold outs, Quique González is back to the road to present ‘Desbandados’.
Accompanied by his inseparable Jacob Reguilón in the double-bass, Quique González premiers this new project that wants to make room to the songs that could not have their own space at the ‘Daiquiri Blues’ tour.
'Desbandados' consists of an acoustic tour in a minimalist format thought for reduced venues and based on a repertoire of b sides, versions, rarities or mostly non edited songs. It is a good opportunity to enjoy songs scarcely performed in the artist’s last tours.
As Quique González himself puts it, ‘Desbandados’ has a very open repertory and the audience will be able to listen from a Mexican folk song to a theme by the Spanish singer-song writer Serrat, songs composed by himself for other artists or even themes proposed by the audience.

"I contact you to announce you the acoustic tour starting at the end of March. It will be called Desbandados!! It will consist of a series of performances in a minimalist format, based on a repertoire of b sides, versions, rarities or mostly non edited songs.
There will be space for songs, let’s say more classical, but in principle we are going to let them rest for a while. He who warns is not a traitor. It will be a bit more disordered, free and calm than what we were doing in the last tours, closer to the performances from Peleando a la contra or Kamikazes.
The only musician playing with me on stage will be Jacob in the double-bass (piano and guitar in certain moments). It is exciting to face this adventure as a duet for the first time. During the tour Daiquiri we have played a couple of songs in the acoustic set and now the adventure consists of doing it during an hour and a half which will be the approximate length for the shows at Desbandados!!
Our will is to play in reduced venues for the trees to leave us see the forest. So the concerts will be preferably held in theatres or clubs.
It will be a good opportunity to listen to songs that have not had room in the last tours. We will be able to play a Mexican traditional song or a a theme by the Spanish singer-song writer Serrat. Also songs that I wrote for other artists. As always, we will take into account the suggestions you send to us in order to have an open repertoire.
We will start one month after the end of the tour Daiquiri, on March 18th in Santander and we will finish at the end of the summer. Thanks for being always there, for coming to the concerts and making the songs fly”.
Quique G."

At the following link you can enjoy an advance of the tour ‘Desbandados’:

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