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Bigott is a band from Zaragoza, Spain. Singing in English, Borja Laudo has been compared to the likes of Bonnie Prince BIlly, Iron and Wine, Lou Reed, and Tom Waits. Laudo has worked with bands such as Tachenko, Big City, and La Costa Brava.

If his music has a modus operandi, it's undoubtedly the examination of dream-like states. However, Bigott doesn't see dreams as a metaphor for real-life, what's revealed within each song is a mini-examination of one man's carnal psyche. Sex, death, booze, pretty flowers, prettier girls; these are the subjects of a typical Bigott song, with all of the obsessions, narcissism, and neuroses that accompany them.

Bigott released their fifth album, The Orinal Soundtrack, November 2011.

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