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Mean Jeans

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Listen to Steve Don't Party No More

"If you like your punk pizza-faced and partly retarded, Mean Jeans are surely your bag" .. "perfectly timeless and retarded sort of pop tunes that turn bong hits into lifestyle choices" -..Victime of Time

The 13 garage pop tunes of Are You Serious harkens back to the Lookout! Records of the early ‘90s, when pop-punk meant snotty low-brow 3 chord goodness and not glossy soundtracks to mall strolls. Like any good Creatin’s soundtrack, the “songs about partying” vs. “songs about girls” ratio leans fully toward PBR fueled pogo punk. Pitchfork says THE MEAN JEANS “comes over like the Ramones mixed with a pinch of Joan Jett’s classic "Bad Reputation" and makes you want to slam dance with its guitar riffs and rollicking drumbeats.”

New LP "Mean Jeans On Mars" on Dirtnap Records out Spring 2011

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