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Mind Spiders

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Fort Worth/Denton based MIND SPIDERS was started by Marked Men co-singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Ryan in 2010. Since then, the band has released a 7" and a self-titled album on Dirtnap records. Mind Spiders started as Mark's recording project that soon transformed into a band, collecting members from other Denton bands that include Bad Sports, High Tension Wires, Wax Museums, Wiccans, Uptown Bums, and Stumptone (a lot of these bands share members if you were wondering).

The debut self-titled album is definitely not a Marked Men redo. The punk rock is still there, just now it’s full of reverb and distortion, like mold has grown on it. Along with the fuzz is the sci-fi noises that make the album sound at times like it was intended for a B-movie soundtrack. A little 60's pop here, a little lo-fi there, and a little weirdo-in-his-bedroom-with-a-4-track in other places.

Band Members: Mark Ryan, Daniel Fried, Mike Throneberry, Stephen Svacina, Gregory Rutherford, and Peter Salisbury

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