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Truth Universal

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Originally born in Diego Martin, Trinidad, Tajiri Kamau moved to the Big Easy, New Orleans, in 1977 at age four. Initially wanting to DJ, he dove head first into Hip Hop in the mid-‘80s. His parents' tastes in political reggae and calypso, including that of Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose, and Bob Marley, informed his hip-hop collection and guided him towards artists influenced by the Nation of Gods and Earths. Truth's career began underground, dropping several low-key, street releases, like the "Dashiki Dialogue" (2000) 12"/maxi-single and the EP Plantation Graffiti (2001). A string of 12” releases followed, including “Four Track Mind”(2002), which afforded Truth the opportunity to share the stage with premier Hip Hop acts across the North American continent.

Truth will release his fourth studio album – “Invent the Future”—in April of 2012.

Recent & Upcoming Releases:

Forthcoming – “Invent the Future” (Self-Released)
March 2011 -- “Resistance Vol. 2: Polygraph” (Self-Released)
March 2010 -- ”Guerrilla Business” EP (Root 70 Lounge, Japan)
April 2008 -- “Self-Determination” LP (Dragon’s Breath Records)

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