New Digital Natives Gen A, Z, and Virtual Worlds

Mar 14, 2023

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Recording: New Digital Natives Gen A, Z, and Virtual Worlds, Mar 14, 2023

We are racing towards a 3D web of virtual media and an embodied internet. Gen Z, with $150 billion of spendable wealth, only knows a life with instant access to on-demand goods, services, entertainment and information. Their entry into the virtual world is seismically transforming the human/computer relationship and demanding new forms of engagement from media, brands, workplaces, and more.
This session explores how a new generation of iPad natives has expectations that have been profoundly altered by this immersive, embodied internet, transforming their interpersonal relationships, leisure time, work, aspirations, and economic prospects.
The 3 panelists are the co-authors of a forthcoming book from Wylie on the Social Metaverse and GenZ/Alphas.

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Caitlin Krause

TRIPP / MindWise

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