Produce Matters: Why Eating More Plants is Key to Health

Recording: Produce Matters: Why Eating More Plants is Key to Health, Mar 12, 2019

Just an apple a day may not be enough to keep the doctor away, but the science is clear that a diet full of fruits and vegetables is the key to health promotion, disease prevention, and longevity. Yet the devil’s in the dietary details when it comes to nutrition: Does choosing organic matter? Do frozen and canned count? What about GMOs, and so-called superfoods?  And if you just don’t like veggies and fruit, is it even possible to change your palate? Forget fad diets and junk-science. Come hear the scientific evidence behind all things fruit and veg alongside real-world insights of how introducing more produce has improved health in communities across the US. Join the conversation and leave inspired to live your healthiest, most delicious life.

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