Chatbots & Robots Give Rise to the “Human” Brand

Recording: Chatbots & Robots Give Rise to the “Human” Brand, Mar 14, 2018


We’re in a new digital age where machines are participating in domains that have, up until now, been exclusively human. And while everyone is focused on developing technological advancements, marketers need to turn their attention from the technology and pay attention to branding. Technology is going to take on humanlike qualities thanks to advancements in AI. Brands need to adapt to do the same in order to be able to communicate and coordinate with the technology that is coming. We need to turn brand identity into brand humanity.

AI is coming. Amazon’s Alexa can order Domino's pizzas for you. It can give you updates on your bank account. It can check your flight statuses. Google can suggest what kind of soap to buy, what insurance company to use, what fast food restaurant to go to. These technological advancements are engaging customers and marketers need to humanize their brands to be ready for it.

Panelists would share examples of how this is happening today with practical advice on how to humanize their brands to thrive in the new world of advanced technologies.

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