Music & Commerce: Licensing Music for Social Media

Music & Commerce: Licensing Music for Social Media


David Levin


Music is part of our everyday lives, both in pop culture and in commerce. In today's world where digital sales are at an all-time low and streaming dominates, it is now harder than ever for songwriters to make a viable living. Over the years songwriters have used social media as a way to connect with fans, but now these platforms have become places for fans to hear and watch music and videos to the financial benefit of these platforms. In less than 20 years, we have seen music consumption go from physical to streaming to social media channels including lip synch platforms such as, Flipagram, Triller, Funimate and Dubsmash. When these digital platforms obtain a music license, it is a step in the right direction towards narrowing the gap where digital downloads have failed. Songwriters are compensated, and in turn, businesses receive the added value that music brings to the online experience.

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