The Urbanization of Beer, Wine & Spirits

Mar 11, 2017 | 11:00pm – 12:00am


Suzy Shaffer

Blue Owl Brewing

Melkon Khosrovian

Greenbar Distillery

David Alan

Patrón Spirits Company

Ben Parsons

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Brands across all spirit industries are replicating the farm-to-table movement with spirits, bringing the fruits and labor into the city to closer identify with their audience. Seeking to better attract their consumer, millennials, these brands are taking rolling hills and travel accommodations out of the picture, involving the community in the process and seeing success in the method. A panel of beer, wine and spirit aficionados will discuss how they’ve attracted new audiences by being equally playful and innovative and how they’re working to make their thing, feel like your thing, too.

Primary Access: Music Badge, Platinum Badge, Film Badge, Interactive Badge
Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Track: Food
Level: Advanced