The Future of Rock and Metal in the Digital Space

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Andreas Katsambas

BMG/The End Records

Amelie Bonvalot

Kobalt Music Group

Phil Birch

Raw Power Management Ltd

Stef Pascual

Red Essential

The Rock/Metal genre has been historically driven by physical sales, but the trend has shifted lately thanks to streaming, social media and forward thinking figureheads that have enabled the genre’s passionate fanbase to favour digital formats. Global superstars like AC/DC and Rammstein have acknowledged the value of streaming by making their catalogue available across the board. Other bands like Bring Me The Horizon have managed to translate a massive following on social media into real sales. The demise of the album format has made innovation flourish and new revenue sources like VR and experiential rewards are being explored. Is the digital landscape the new el dorado for rock and metal?

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