Selling Celluloid: Finding New Audiences for Film

Selling Celluloid: Finding New Audiences for Film


Lisa Brook

Live Cinema UK

Lars Nilsen

Austin Film Society

Kathryn Penny

National Media Museum

David Strohmaier

Fans of celluloid will claim passionately that the quality of 35mm and 70mm is far superior to the latest digital projection. But do audiences really care about watching film on film? Many cinemas and festival programmers are returning to celluloid and Quentin Tarantino’s decision to shoot The Hateful Eight in Ultra Panavision 70mm ignited the debate about the merits of the film format. For the cinephile, film society member or technology enthusiast film is king, but how do we find new and younger people to appreciate the format, buy tickets and encourage cinemas to take programming risks?

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