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Jack Garratt

Friday, March 20
12:45AM - 1:30AM


Listen to The Love You're Given

Tracing back the lineage of the “bedroom producer” shouldn’t, by rights, pose too much difficulty or heavy research. Relatively speaking, it’s a modern concept, and adopted by a wealth of fledgling young artist-producers. Who needs a ship-sized mixing desk and an inflated studio budget when you have a trusty Macbook Pro and Fruity Loops to plug into? Yet, typically, it’s already become a term that carries with it similar baggage to the modern-day troubadour. Anxious, nocturnal musicians with a penchant for internet forums has become as reliable a vision as the battered guitar case and finger of whiskey in a backstreet speakeasy. Difficult to shake.

“It’s a bloody minefield!” grins the larger-than-life Jack Garratt, stroking that fine ginger beard of his in contemplation.

“I loathe the idea that if I suggest that I produce my own songs then people presume I’m sat hunched over my laptop weeping into my own self-doubt. L...

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