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Ari Stylez


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Ari "Stylez" Johnson was born on November 12, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. Grew up on chicago's west side and western suburb in oak park. He lived on the west side and attended grammar school in the suburbs because his parents wanted him attending better schools. Not only were schools better but so were athletics. Ari and his childhood friends who later became successful NBA players were heavily into sports and known thru the neighborhood at early age for sports. Ari's mother, Chantay Savage, was a very successful R&B singer in the 90s with gold records from RCA he always was fascinated by music because it is what initially what got his family to a better situation. He got into the wrong things after leaving the private school he was recruited for, but left after being put on trail for a felony battery charge from a former teammate. When he went to public school where he know majority of the students he began to change and be lured by the fast life. Ari was a popular athlete and a hustler on the side. He was driving luxury cars, best clothing and drugs to mimic his favorite artists at an early high school teenager. He decided to change his ways as things got hectic and he was accepted to Fisk university and able to play ball on a collegiate level. He was getting in a lot of trouble with the law and school prior to college so it was a great escape from Chicago. In college being himself he was right back to being one if the most popular kid at college. With sports and becoming a popular nightclub/ party host he became well known fast in the area. This is when he began to really focus on music. After 2 years of college ball Ari began to take an interest in fraternity and joined Omega Psi Phi and it aided to his party hard lifestyle even more the basketball. All most at the end of his college experience he got news he was going to be on a television show and his father, AJ Johnson, an acclaimed hair stylist & makeup artist, and a reality TV star with his own show due out on Style network in 2012. Early on, Ari showed the interest, talent and drive to be a star. He packed up an left school and was ridiculed by his peers. Ironically after the popularity of his tv debut his school that he left was his first big paying gig. He was embraced by his same peers who ridiculed him for leaving were now praising him and reciting his music at his show. Building his buzz Ari began to work with various acclaimed artist some which he developed great friendships with. One of his good friends is Def Jam artist Lil Reese. they worked together and were both featured on an artist record and shot his first music video with lil Reese the two have be good friends ever since and continue to work together. As well as other Chicago Rappers Fredo santana and chance the rapper.

As an artist, Ari creates edgy, youthful hip hop, and performs at various concerts, hosts and books events/shows, and networks and collaborates with many highly acclaimed artists and talented individuals. He has performed and collaborated with Travis Porter, Tity Boi, Big Krit, and Kia Shine. Recently, he rocked the stage at Fisk University’s homecoming along with Jerimih. Ari’s talents, tenacity, intense drive to succeed, and the discipline to achieve his goals and dreams continue, and he is proving to be limitless.

His accomplishments are just the beginning of an illustrious career in entertainment. Every day, with the help of his close friends and family, Ari is supported and strives to continuously set new goals.

“As a young entrepreneur, I want to set new boundaries for the industry. I’m motivated by the possibilities. "Ari

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