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Gene Noble


Gene Noble // Bio

“It’s rare today to find someone who gives R&B classical justification, but the outspoken “rebirth” of Los Angeles vocalist Gene Noble… puts soul back in the palm of our hands.” – EARMILK

The not so quiet ramblings of an artist on the rise continue to intensify. At the center of the quake is new artist, Gene Noble. Putting it mildly, his vocal ability is relentless, powerful and emotional. “Life Music” is how Noble describes his music, “It’s the stuff that expresses the feelings, emotions and words in a way that we want to say but often times can’t.”

Noble’s life began in Manhattan, Kansas. As a young army brat, he traveled the world to wherever his father was stationed. At the age of four while living in Germany, his father lost his life saving the life of another man. His father’s name was Gene. The remainder of Noble’s childhood was spent in Long Island, New York with his mother and brother. The memories of his father became more and more distant.

Music became Noble’s sanctuary. He started playing piano at the age of 5 and wrote poetry before he ever sang. Noble soon gained an early love of jazz, gospel and legendary artist Prince. In school is where his love of rock, pop, and country came into play. His babysitter eventually introduced him to hip hop. After watching R&B artist D’Angelo perform on his Voodoo tour, Noble realized that he wanted to be an artist.

Over time Noble began to realize that he knew very little about his father Gene. In 2012, he realized that he had lived longer than his father had. It all hit him when a close friend was killed, leaving a young daughter behind. The loss was devastating. As he’d done in the past, Noble returned to his sanctuary, his music… the one place he could freely express his emotions and create his new EP, Rebirth of Gene.

Rebirth of Gene includes a song entitled “Vices”. Noble calls it, “An honest moment depicting a place I was in just after losing my friend and going through a break up, all at the same time.” Raw emotion spills from “All I Give a Fuck About”, a song Noble free styled while thinking of his ex. While he continued to work on making the relationship work he wrote “Twilight”. “I was really trying but we were just total opposites. The beat reminds me of New York”, he recalls. Noble’s entire project was written during the course of moving from New York to Los Angeles. For him it represents self-reflection. He calls “Wherever You Are”, out of all of the songs he’s ever written, his favorite, “It marks my first collaboration with black violins and is my most raw vulnerable vocal.”

Noble’s highly anticipated EP Rebirth of Gene is a convergence of both emotional depth and Noble’s creative mind. It revisits love lost and love found while offering a mindful recognition of the state of the world around us. Noble’s Rebirth of Gene represents all that is vulnerable, intimate, superbly tangible and melodic. It’s the kind of music Noble fell in love with. It’s the same sanctuary he created as a child when he lost his father Gene. It’s the same sanctuary that helped him save himself in order to give us Gene Noble and the Rebirth of Gene.

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