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Buzz Video Marketing: Participating in the Internet

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It's always been difficult for nonprofits to wedge their way into the viral internet marketplace, but now that large companies are getting into the fray, the field is the most competitive it's ever been. Every day, big marketers are getting better and better at disguising their advertisements as fun, quirky videos, and theirs are endorsed by Beyoncé with music by Skrillex or John Williams or some other young punk. But, as this panel will explain, nonprofits will always be able to do it better. By participating in the internet and all its trends, memes, and communities – not harnessing them – nonprofits can not only reach countless more people, but improve their branding as well with bold, efficient videos.



Liam Cronin

Online Mktg Coord


Liam works in PETA's Online Marketing Department, and his videos, articles, and infographics furthering PETA's mission have reached millions. Before he came to PETA, Liam created and toured theatrical pieces for social change, teaching old and young people empowerment through performance.

Nick Agich


Maker Studios

Rafael Casal



A Bay Area born-and-raised left-leaning Berkeley hippie, Oakland raider, Hennessy drinking, pessimistic optimist, compulsive ranter and over-thinker. I write plays, poems, songs and stories, hoping to provoke conversations. In short, working to keep worthy art and ideas in rotation. I have my OWN, and curate to support, spread and encourage the ideas of others. Merchant of Empathy, Upworthy is the marketplace. Check out my YOUTUBE and follow me on TWITTER!

Roxane Philson

Global Creative Dir

The One Campaign

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