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Nyzzy Nyce

Listen to My City (National)

Nyzzy Nyce (aka Nyzzy) of Fort Wayne, Indiana is the lead songwriter and artist on one of the largest community driven and collaborative Hip Hop based music projects in the world called #HipHop4theCity. The song “My City (Local)” was the result of this project which received over 200,000 views in a market population of 250,000 as well as national recognition and press. Now, Nyzzy is taking the project one step further with a national version of the song entitled “My City (National)” and a campaign appropriately entitled: The #MYCITY Movement. Details can be found at where people in communities around the world can participate.

His career began at a young age where Nyzzy began to dabble in the art of rapping and developed a passion for “Rap Battling” that quickly created buzz around the city. In 2007 Nyzzy began to turn his passion into a career and created a label with partner Kendrick Royal called the “CertiFLYYed Entertainment Group. The label spent several years building a local fan based before releasing music videos that expanded their fan base to a national level and garnered over 200,000 views. Shortly after, the label signed a development deal with Sony BMG and acquired an even broader following.

It was during this time period with Sony BMG that Nyzzy and his label took on the successful project #HipHop4theCity and song My City (Local). Nyzzy decided to utilize the project’s success and expand the project to take it national. Nyzzy explains, “I saw how this song impacted our community… I wanted to create a version that every city could feel this same passion”. He is now running this national campaign entitled the #MYCITY Movement which is an on-going music based project aimed at convincing others to take pride in their community. Without that connection, young people start their lives elsewhere and communities collapse. Nyzzy’s music has grown considerably since his early days as a battle MC and if you follow his musical timeline you can see his growth. With the success of the #MYCITY Campaign helping to shape his sound he is now working on his first solo album titled, “Have a Nyce Day”, which is scheduled for release January 2013.