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BP Fallon & The Bandits


Listen to BP Fallon & The Bandits - Does Anyone Care What Anyone Says In Rock'ln'Roll


Fronted by 109 years young singer BP Fallon who up to now has done everything in rock'n'roll apart from singing with a band - he was publicist to Led Zeppelin, managed former New York Doll Johnny Thunders, toured with U2 billed as 'Guru, Viber & DJ', turned up on BBC TV miming bass guitar with John Lennon, was media guru to Marc Bolan & T.Rex where he coined the term T.Rextasy and is immortalised as 'Purple Browed Beep' in the T.Rex hit Telegram Sam.

Following his debut 45 produced by Jack White for Jack's Third Man Records a couple of years ago - Mr White's idea - BP thought "I've got a record produced by the coolest man in rock'n'roll who also plays guitar on it - I should have a band!"

Thus BP Fallon & The Bandits - Clem Burke of Blondie on drums reunited with former Blondie bass guitarist Nigel Harrison (the classic Blondie Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame rhythm section that drives Blondie hits like Heart Of Glass, Atomic, the Nigel Harrison/Debbie Harry composition One Way Or Another etc etc). Bandits guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan - the hottest young guitar-player in New York - was a member of the reformed New York Dolls on their historic tour of South America.

BPF & The Bandits just-released debut album Still Legal on their own Vibrosonic Records was recorded near Austin at Red Horse Ranch Studios. Says BP "We have an affinity with Austin - that's where we did our first-ever gig".

Austin hero Ian McLagan from the Small Faces/The Faces plays Hammond organ on The Bandits album and as a further compliment to the band they've been joined on stages several times by guitarist Lenny Kaye from The Patti Smith Group and drummer Scott Asheton from The Stooges - as well as fashion's 20 year old 'It Girl' of the moment, Vogue cover star Cara Delevingne on added vocals.

BP Fallon & The Bandits - the dark horse of rock'n'roll.

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