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BOAN [bohn] - is an American synthpop/wave duo based in Austin TX. Jose Cota (ssleeperhold, Medio Mutante) a Los Angeles native, and Mariana Saldana (//TENSE//, Medio Mutante) a Houston native, use analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines to create lush, textured landscapes of Love and the (Post)Apocalypse. Originally, Mariana and Jose worked together as members of the now defunct Medio Mutante. The MM project released albums on Citirax, PDSW, and Living Tapes only to disband in 2010. Reunited in song Mariana and Jose formed a new musical offering with BOAN. With artistic influences spanning a multitude of decades and genres the sound is deep, dark and decidedly romantic. Pending LP release on Cititrax/StonesThrow in the Summer of 2013