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Missy Raines & The New Hip


Listen to New Frontier

"New Frontier" on Compass Records, April 2013.
"Inside Out" on Compass Records released 2009

"…The New Hip features some deft singer-songwriter vocal change-ups, as well as
musically witty instrumentals that cross over into what could just as
well be labeled progressive jazz.”
-Wall Street Journal

Missy Raines & The New Hip blur the lines between Americana, jazz, bluegrass, and rhythm’n’blues- redefining the acoustic/electric/hybrid landscape.

What Is and What If

Music is immediate. A few seconds in and you know whether you like a band or not. Missy Raines & The New Hip hits the downbeat. The riff and rhythm of electric guitar and the kick of acoustic bass and drums carry you across the first few changes. Then Missy’s clear, intimate voice tells the story. You lean in and listen.

They don’t manipulate you—they move you. This is a band that trusts the simple, basic things that create a conversation between the listener and the band: rhythm, tone, space, and great new songs. You bring your desire for something real. They bring the music.

But real and simple are not real simple. These players have honed their art. Although they are a new (and yes, hip) band, what comes through is their love and mastery of jazz, fusion, blues, Americana, and bluegrass.

They know what these styles have in common: the magic of music made fresh with each performance. The band explores old sounds and creates something new—a dialog of acoustic and electric, of drive and groove, of what is and what if.

When they play, you feel it—immediately.

Missy Raines - Vocals, Acoustic bass
Ethan Ballinger - Vocals, Electric/Acoustic Guitars
Jarrod Walker - Vocals, Mandolin and Acoustic Guitar
Josh Fox - Drums

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