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PLASTER are back with a blast! Following their 2005 ADISQ awarded debut, First Aid Kit, The bombastic outfit is set to release its upcoming album Let It All Out, May 15 on Vega Musique.

Orchestrated by musical prodigies Jean-Phi Goncalves on Drums (Beast, Ariane Moffatt), Alex McMahon on Keys (Yann Perreau, Ariane Moffatt) and François Plante on Bass (Afrodizz, Dumas), PLASTER’s music is a genuine force to be reckoned with. Pulling a mash of pure rock’n’roll attitude with a juicy chunk of electronica, the resulting sound is stacked with infectious samples and tempos, and one too many cocktails to crank it up a notch. Inspired by peers Amon Tobin, Herbalizer, JazzaNova, Cinématic Orchestra and Medeski Martin & Wood to name a few, PLASTER could be the biting rock answer to your casual
electronic hipster. Here, the samplers, multi-effects and of course real instruments are tortured to offer ultimate stimuli and command these hips to get moving, period.

As a journalist once put it: “Plaster’s music will make you wanna get plastered”

In that sense, Let It All Out sounds like First Aid Kit gone wild. The sophomore outing is a slick collection of booming tracks pursuing the same crazy vibe heard on the first LP, setting the tone quite simple and clear: You are all in for a par-tay!