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Moonlight Towers


Listen to Heat Lightning

Austin, Texas band Moonlight Towers (taking its name from the tall vintage streetlights that illuminate Austin’s nights) is a genuine band that does what comes naturally: writing, recording and playing real rock n’ roll (with a hearty pop kick!) It’s really that simple.

Proclaimed “amazing” by Performing Songwriter for creating what the Chicago Reader calls “perfectly molded power-pop,” Moonlight Towers is “Austin’s favorite three-minute heroes” according to the Austin American-Statesman and the renowned music city’s “finest power pop export” (Pop Culture Press).

On Day Is The New Night, the band’s third long-player, the foursome delivers its finest and richest offering yet. Such superlatives become viscerally tangible the moment the band steamrolls into “Heat Lightning,” the disc’s aptly named lead track. The timeless potency of two mighty guitars and muscular bass and drums bring the urgency, buoying vocals that alternately sear and soar.

Augmented by a panorama of keyboards as well as punchy horns here and swirling strings there, Day Is The New Night is melodic, energizing, and boasts unshakable hooks galore. And in the end, it all boils down to simply rock’n’roll at its finest and most fun.

“We just want to make people dance,” is how lead singer, main songwriter and guitarist James Stevens summarizes their musical mission. “I’m just as excited about this album as I was when I went to Memphis at 16-years-old to record my first demo,” he adds. “I still feel the same way about it.” And after all, what else can a poor boy do but play in a rock n’roll band? “I have no choice. I can’t hide from it,” Stevens concludes.