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Tiger! Tiger!


This newest love/hate letter from Atlanta's Tiger! Tiger! features 15 new songs that capture the shifting moods of a waterfront tavern with floors of sawdust and broken teeth. Cut Them Where They Bleed (March 13th, Chicken Ranch Records) ups the ante of Brecht/Weill's "Threepenny Opera" to five bucks.

Possessing a mastery of relatively ancient electro-mechanical devices gone haywire, Tiger! Tiger!'s front woman Buffi Aguero delivers a bitter, battering wind, alternately cooing and caterwauling in a haunting harangue. Aguero uncorks a bottle of emotional spirits, dumps the contents, and uses the empty vessel to make a Molotov cocktail of words. Then she shoves the listener into the priest's side of the confessional and locks them in.

Cut after cut, the insides are splayed open and laid bare by guitars strung with razor wire (courtesy of Mr. Shane Pringle), tubercular organ (by Mr. San Leyja), stomach punch bass guitar (Ms. Susanne Gibboney), and drums that Mr. Mario Colangelo thumps and snaps like the neck of a hanged man, wrongly convicted, but guilty of... something.

Once again, Tiger! Tiger! has escaped from its jungle and into your zoo, dissolving the distinction of who is inside or outside of the cage.