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The Elwins


Listen to Stuck In The Middle

Indie pop outfit The Elwins have been garnering a healthy amount of attention of late thanks to their bouncy brand of ‘60s-tinged rock music and quirky, creative nature. Heralded by outlets from Exclaim! to the CBC as an “act to watch,” the band’s latest release, 2012’s And I Thank You, runs the gamut from delightfully danceable to slow and succinct, leaving little to be desired. But as good as the album is (and it’s very good indeed), it nearly belies the band’s boisterous and now infamous live show, which includes everything from smile-inducing sing-alongs and crowd participation to impromptu giveaways and dance competitions. Whether the sweet sounds of The Elwins are coming from a stereo or sweat-covered stage, it’s one you’ll want to get into sooner rather than later.