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Intergalactic Lovers


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Intergalactic Lovers are Belgians with a nose for stunning pop music. Their debut ‘Greetings & Salutations’ received unanimous high praise from both press and public earlier this year and the singles 'Fade Away', ‘Delay’, ‘Shewolf’ and ‘Howl’ were all radio hits. Their mix of melodious - sometimes intimate other times adventurous - pop music, together with the unique voice of singer Lara Chedraoui, enchants both young and old. That would explain why the version of ‘Delay’ that they recorded for Studio Brussel has already been viewed more than 400,000 times on YouTube. As a result, their concert diary has also been coloured red with gigs in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany and visits to festivals like Les Nuits Botanique, Cactus, Dour, Boomtown and Leffingeleuren. What's more, the band was also assigned to writing the soundtrack for a long-play film based on the popular TV-series Code 37.
In 2011, the band won the Belgian award for the best breakthrough of the year.

‘The seven lean years in Flemish rock are not in sight’. (HUMO 3½ *)

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