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Ancestros music group was created in 2002 in Cali, Colombia. It was founded by its own director Esteban Copete. Who inspired by the music airs from the Colombian Pacific Coast, invited eight more musicians with the same musical interests to unify their music knowledge getting as a result this innovative music proposal. At the same time, these musicians wanted to offer a tribute to our African ancestors for the music legacy they transmitted to humanity. It is because of this reason why the group adopted the name “Ancestros”.

The Marimba, ancestral music instrument and the guide of the South Pacific coast rhythms, is the main piece of this music proposal, which is influenced by different kinds of Pacific coast folkloric rhythms as well as by other music genders and rhythms from around the world like jazz, and rock and roll. Thanks to this music and culture fusion, this band has included music instruments such as synthesizer and guitars to its typical orchestration, with the purpose of giving to its folkloric proposal, a contemporary sound.

Our African ancestors, dragged to America, used the resources they found here to reproduce the music of their remembrances, just as the members of Ancestros group are doing it. These musicians use their knowledge to research and gather the sounds that make part of our culture, looking for an approach to the daily aspects of the men and his surroundings.

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