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Venus X


Venus X is an artist and producer born in Harlem to Dominican-Ecuadorian parents. She grew up in Washington Heights and has made a name for herself in NYC's underground music and art scene. She is the most loved and most hated of her generation of punks, a new breed of bad girl branded by the slogan: IDGAF or I DONT GIVE A FUCK. She started a party in 2009 called GHE20G0TH1K which merges opposite spectrums of sound: the hood, the internet, the gangster, the nerd, the dancer, the goddess and beyond. It is locally recognized as "the best party in NYC" by the FADER, New York Magazine and Village Voice among others.

Her sets involve raw blends of songs bridging genres of every club variety to street anthems from around the world and throughout time. They are experimental, often employing live mixed sound effects instead of continuous songs; live chopped & screwed remixes which aim to narrate sonic soundscapes as opposed to strict BPM matching. She uses the CDJ as a sampler/drum pad, producing live remixes and new tracks by isolating loops and experimenting with blends. As Rolling Stone stated about GHE20G0TH1K recently, "The GHE20G0TH1K parties (Venus X) organizes are the ideal testing ground for her brand of cyber diaspora – crashing industrial samples grating against syrupy drag and witch-house, aggro-tech, metal, and almost any sonic form designed to invoke unease."

Recently, she performed at various New York Fashion Week after-parties and composed soundtracks for underground fashion labels Patrik Ervell and Hood By Air. She has toured the US with Gang Gang Dance and Theophilus London and was publicly recognized in 2011 by Young Money Rapper, Drake. She also worked as a consultant for Shakira and was named "most extreme DJ of fashion week" by Rolling Stone for her Gerlan Jeans SS12 soundtrack.

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