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Snowden, the music namesake of Jordan Jeffares, began in 2003 in Atlanta GA. Building on the release of an early EP through Stickfigure Recordings, the band came up in the same scene and on the same local label that spawned Deerhunter and The Black Lips. In 2006 he recorded and released his first full length, Anti-Anti, on Jade Tree Records. Fans of post punk and brit rock took to the album and a string of dance remixes exposed the band to different tastes. Extensive touring brought Snowden to the attention of Kings of Leon, who took them on tour in the US and Europe in 2007. The friendship lasted beyond the tour and when Snowden and Jade Tree Records parted ways, talks of a label relationship with KoL lingered until late 2011. After signing to the KoL's new imprint, Jeffares hooked up with The Kills' producer and engineer Bill Skibbe and recorded the long delayed sophomore album which will arrive in the summer of 2012.

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