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In June 2011, The New Yorker called the band WORKOUT “a hyperactive rock monster” and compared their music to a love child of David Bowie and Roky Erickson. But all name checking and flattery aside, this isn’t quite the full picture. This is a Brooklyn band in the grandest tradition of Rock and Roll that wants to be your # 1 Party Band, break some hearts and unleash wild times. Featuring Jack Killen on vocals and piano, Alexander W. Forbes on guitar, Jason Langdon on bass and Tim Traynor on drums, this four-piece fills rooms with their anthemic odes on love, death and fantasy. These are big songs with finger-tapped guitar solos, sing-along choruses, foot-stomping chants and enough wild noise to make any bar break out into a brawl. Their self-titled debut album, featuring “Bottom Barrel Boys”, was released on September 24th 2011, twenty years after Nevermind and can be purchased only at your local N.Y.C. bodega or on-line at the band’s website. With hardly any of the songs being under the 5 minute mark, you can tell these guys really want you to get your money’s worth - strap yourself in for the ride and help put the classic back in Rock.

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