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Dudley Perkins

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Since ancient times, the elders have taught us that a man is not merely someone who is born a male. It is he who rises to the occasion of protecting his community — he who assumes the responsibility of
setting a righteous example from within himself is truly worthy of his manhood. In a world now obsessed over immature desires and leading many to unfortunate realities, the necessity for true manhood has jumped exponentially. It is in these times that a man in his rarest form must stir against the tide of conformity......and Declaime answers that call with his entire being.

Gifted with incredible artistic talent that first amazed his family at the age of two, they would never guess that he would be the cutting edge herald of metaphysical hip hop. With no father in sight, his fascination with superheroes at an early age provided him the context he needed to express himself mentally and visually for the future visionary poet that he would become. Graduating from high school at the early age of 14, Dudley Perkins was responsible for providing for himself as his regal mother served unjust time at the California Institute for Women. But alas — in the necessity of protecting his life as a black child in Oxnard, California - the young Picasso turned to gang culture for survival. He was given the name D-Locc, and the metamorphosis provided a temporary thrill until the reality of his homie 8 Ball J's funeral capsized his gang mentality. As he gazed upon his fallen comrade, all of the prayers his mother had lent to the wind during her incarceration came to life. D-Locc was no longer. Scrapping his hood one by one until all were in respectful retreat, Declaime: Poet Past The Weak was born.

The Warrior of Light set out on his mission of enlightenment armed with the compelling attributes of the FONK that had been used to manipulate the brainwaves of the masses into careless individuals. He grew to be the influential, purposeful and prolific executive producer/emcee/visual artist that he was destined to be. Some may hate the fact that Declaime doesn't mince his morals for the sake of fame. Some may say he's out of his mind fighting for a seemingly lost cause. Others may sing his praises till the cows come home, but his mission will remain the same until all wars come to a close and humankind can live in a world rooted in love and understanding.

Releasing serious fire for the world to hear, his relentless attack was first witnessed on a track named WLIX from The Alkaholiks Coast II Coast Album in 1995. He featured on hip hop classics such as Break Dat Party from The Lootpack's Soundpieces: Da Antidote LP (he also did the cover illustrations), T.Biggums from Oh No's Exodus into Unheard Rhythms, and Love Hardcore off KanKick's From Artz Unknown LP to name a few. His releases include Illmindmusik, Andsoitissaid, Mad Men On Arrival, A Lil' Light, Conversations With Dudley, The Dank And Jammy Show, Expressions 2012 A. U. , Beautiful Minds, The Message Uni Versa, Holy Smokes, SomeOthaShip, FONK and his latest LP 'Self Study' released on his own label imprint, SomeOthaShip Connect.

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