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Western Tink & Beautiful Lou = Mobbin No Sobbin


Western Tink & Beautiful Lou of MOBBIN NO SOBBIN (CENTRAL / CENTRILL , TEXAS). Mobbin No Sobbin - keep moving foward in life, dont cry about it. 2 artist from the state where every things bigger, who truley look at music as art and not a fill in the blank form. Western tink & Beautiful lou do music from the heart expressed in the form of uncoventional hip hop (if put in a box). A melting pot of influences ranging from local Texas (southwestern) hip hop sounds to 80's new wave and 70's art punk amongst other genres. Many have said WESTERN TINK & BEAUTIFUL LOU are creating a whole new sound for Texas.

Western Tink & Beautiful Lou of MOBBIN NO SOBBIN have an album due out early may self titled "MOBBIN NO SOBBIN sponsored by Mishkanyc clothing line out of Brooklyn , NY - MISHKANYC.COM . Western Tink & Beautiful Lou have been featured in SPIN MAGAZINE , FADER MAGAZINE , etc . They have also been featured on numerous blog and magazine sites overseas and in the United States such as THEFADER.COM , MASHKULTURE.NET, TUMB'LIN ERB , CONCEPTORADIO.COM , , etc. Beautiful lou was recently credited with 2 songs on the highly acclaimed underground Asap Rocky mixtape album (trilla / kissing pink) as well as other artist (LIL B , FRED THE GODSON etc.) and has an album entitled "Beautiful lou thinks your beautiful too" . Western tink has 2 albums "HATER FADER" and "HARD TO KEEL VOL 1" (featured in dec. Spin Magazine) and recently a mixtape entitled "CHILLIN LIKE A CIVILIAN". Western Tink and Beautiful lou currently are performing throughout the United States.

MOBBIN NO SOBBIN also includes producer, photographer, videographer , GLAZEEED also of Central, TEXAS. MOBBIN NO SOBBIN was formed in 2011 in the mist of WESTERN TINK & BEAUTIFUL LOU beging to pursue they're own solo music careers. They both came together under the common belief that "life is too short to wait untill your money is long" to do the most you can with what you have now because next time is not promised. Western Tink & Beautiful Lou plan to take they're music as far as possible and reach as many people as possible, continously creating and pushing lines. "the bathroom lights got me feeling smaller than a bi#ch / see my reflection but at least I can say Im happy with it / spent alot of time turning back and not enough time focusing on what was in my lap..." _Western Tink QUOTE: Western Tink & Beautiful lou of Mobbin No Sobbin - Today (

WESTERN TINK & BEAUTIFUL LOU of MOBBIN NO SOBBIN the real , honest , true , creative , new face of hip hop.

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