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Doctor P


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Doctor P aka Shaun Brockhurst spent many of his teen years jamming with friends, drumming and playing guitar. The acquisition of a Yamaha keyboard and hours spent on Playstation's Music 2000 fueled his interest in the world of electronic music and he started to produce his own experimental tracks. Intrigued by high-energy beats, his early sounds were primarily dance-based with a drum and bass flavour.

Shaun began to create tracks under the alias DJ Picto, and a collaboration with Trolley Snatcha and Amadeus under the name Sounds Destructive saw his first release ‘The Lawnmower Tune’ on Cyntax Error.

Several more releases followed on Cyntax Error, Second City Records and Mutation, with his solo release ‘Raving Rudeboy’ picked up and remixed by DJ Zen. This stirred up interest in the drum and bass scene and before long Shaun was talking to DJ Swan-E who ran the label Maximum Boost. This led to the collaboration that is Slum Dogz.

Immersed in experimenting with new sounds Shaun noticed an emerging sub-genre of more energetic bass-driven dubstep, with tracks like Rusko's ‘Cockney Thug’.
He was inspired to try his hand at making a few dubstep tunes in the same vein, and created the joyous and body-popping ‘Gargoyle’, shortly followed by the blindsiding ‘Badman Sound’ (Dub Police) which were quickly picked up by Rusko and other DJs. To reflect his new sound, Shaun changed his alias and became Doctor P.

When he posted his new track ‘Sweet Shop’ on his MySpace to test for interest little was Doctor P to know that this was to change the course of dubstep history and encourage a whole new generation of dubstep fans. Tinkling on the ivories and combining some chords with a vocal sample to create an old-skool house beat, Shaun created an intro that lulls the listener into a false sense of security before knocking them sideways with a jaw-dropping drop into a deep bassline complemented by a screeching synth. ‘Sweet Shop’ quickly became a staple part of just about every Dubstep DJ’s set.

With the recognition his work earned him the phenomenon of ‘Doctor P’ grew exponentially as he started DJing globally, and remixing for respected artists such as Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Example and Plan B.

Watch out for Doctor P’s relentless flow of original tracks and remixes in both the Dubstep and Drum & Bass scenes, and non-stop touring!

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