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Robert DeLong


Listen to Happy

"Robert DeLong seems like one of those kids beamed here from a future world where all threads of music have been stitched together into some kind of vibrant cloth. His hybrid of electronica samples from pop, folk, house, dubstep and glitch... " -Kevin Bronson

DeLong's fluid live show effortlessly blends classic songwriting and futuristic technology—Wii-motes, Sega controllers, MIDI-interfaces, and drum pads blend into a fluid and original live experience.

With his live set festival ready, radio play coverage from stations like KROQ 106.7, KCRW 89.9 and more, Robert DeLong is ready to make the earth dance. "Does This Change How you feel?"

Robert DeLong has finished up recording and mastering of a new 11 song album and will be performing tracks off of that unsigned material.

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